Wednesday, 26 July 2017
Flatout 4: Total Insanity is a welcome return to form for the series, but stalls on innovation

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The fact that even exists after the tragic car crash that was Flatout 3 is an achievement in itself, so having a new developer, Kylotonn in the driver's seat and not BugBear (the original creators of Flatout) could be seen as a rather unnecessary risk.
Nevertheless, Kylotonn has done a great job in redeeming the series, capturing the look and feel of fan favourite Flatout: Ultimate Carnage with none of the game-breaking bugs that made Flatout 3 such a nightmare to play. However, so keen is Flatout 4 to atone for the series' recent past, it forgets to put its own stamp on things.
That's not such a bad thing, really. For fans of Ultimate Carnage there's a real sense of deja vu when booting up Flatout 4. Everything from the yellow and black hazard tape decals on the menu screen through to the no name bands pumping out bland pop rock and ska-light tracks oozes familiarity.

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