Tuesday, 25 July 2017
A call to arms for the UK fighting game community

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Deputy Editor's note: A year ago I reported on , one of the UK's biggest fighting game tournaments, after it suffered a raft of technical issues and disappointed some fans. After we ran the article I was contacted by a number of people embedded within the UK fighting game community who defended the scene and called for a deeper look. I thought now, with Hypespotting 6 taking place, it was a great time to do just that and investigate the state of the UK fighting game community.
Below is a feature from Ryan Esler, a freelance writer who has been a part of the UK fighting game community since the release of Street Fighter 4 in 2009. He has competed in Scottish tournaments in both Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Tekken and founded the Tekken group W3D. Photos courtesy of Stephanie Lindgren.
Easter. For some, it's a religious experience. For others, it's a chance to bargain hunt. But for the UK fighting game community, it might just be the most important time of the year.

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