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Mass Effect Andromeda - GR Review

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I have worried about the future of planet Earth nearly every day of my adult life. Climate change threatens the very world we call home and it feels like we’re powerless to save it. Luckily, games like Mass Effect: Andromeda create a universe in which mankind’s scientific prowess is coincidentally improved exponentially by discoveries on Mars—it may be fictional, but it does give me a little hope for the future of our species. With those breakthroughs, more than twenty thousand colonists are shipped deep into space to find a new home for the human race.
This scenario broke down within the first few minutes of the game, and once I had taken autonomous control of Scott Ryder, I had a feeling I was going to enjoy the universe I was bound to explore. And explore I did. Once I got past the hump of this new Mass Effect’s opening, I discovered an entire galaxy at my feet. I found and dissected a diverse group of planets throughout Andromeda, and while there was so much to see, I couldn’t help the feeling that I was going through a lot of the motions that had been through before with the original trilogy.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a terrific time with Andromeda. However, this is not the revival of the series that fans had built it up to be. Even then, there is a lot of good that makes Andromeda more than worth your time.
An Epic Galactic Adventure
After arriving in the Andromeda Galaxy, you find that many of the planets you had planned to colonize had become uninhabitable. The other arcs full of colonists had vanished, and a mysterious race of aliens called the Kett were causing trouble all over the galaxy. You take control of Scott or Sarah Ryder, the pathfinder for the Andromeda Initiative, as you explore the ancient vaults found on ...

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