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Batman The Telltale Series Episode 5 Review | Fextralife

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Skarekrow13 at Fextralife writes, "Episodes 1-4 have had excellent ratings thanks in large part to an inspired storyline and voice acting to match. The only thing needed now is a strong finish. Does Telltale deliver? I hope so, a bad ending can sour the whole darn thing. Lucky for you, I already know the answer."

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It Came From 200X: Spider-Man

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Warp Zoned writes: "The tail-end of the 90s wasnt a great time for superhero games. With the likes of Superman 64, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and Spawn: The Eternal clogging store shelves, the average comic geek had few options for playable superheroics. That is, until Neversoft and Activision took it upon themselves to create one of the best comic book-based games of all time: Spider-Man!"

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Batman and super-pals are back in these new Justice League teasers and posters

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Warner Bros. are busy rolling out teasers right now for a new trailer that’ll be out this weekend for Justice League, featuring the big guns of the team doing all kinds of justice stuff. Batman really really loves murdering anything anti-justice lately, so try to avoid littering when you’re in Gotham City.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War: release date, story, mechanics, system requirements - everything we know

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Ranger Talion and elven wraith Celebrimbor are back in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the canon and lore-abusing sequel to Monolith’s wonderful Shadow of Mordor. If slicing and dicing a variety of unique and grudge-holding orcs is your sort of thing you’ll be pleased to know there’s all that and a huge amount more on the way. Need a quick run through of everything there is to know? Let us be your guide. We’ll be taking the Misty Mountains path for this one, the previous party seemed to disappear when taking the Moria route...
Prefer your orc slaughter a little more traditional? Try a . Middle-earth: Shadow of War Middle-earth: Shadow of War release date
Shadow of War releases on August 22. Once again it’s filling the summer spot that publisher Warner Bros regularly targets, having been the window for Shadow of Mordor and a few Batman games.   Middle-earth: Shadow of War system requirements
According to the product page on , Shadow of War’s system requirements are: 

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New Look at Batman's Justice League Costume

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Update: DC and Warners Bros. are unveiling new posters for the Justice League characters, including a nice look at Batman.

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Batman: Matt Reeves Wants Apes Producer to Join Movie

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The Batman director Matt Reeves is looking to bring his producing partner to the DC film.

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X-Men 3 Director Says Rotten Tomatoes Hurt BvS

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Brett Ratner believes Rotten Tomatoes "put a cloud over" Batman v Superman.

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Supergirl Throws Down With Black Adam In Latest Trailer, Gets Punched Through A Pyramid

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NetherRealm studios continued their Injustice 2 info drop today with a closer look at Supergirl's role in the fighting game's highly anticipated story mode. The third in a series of Shattered Alliances trailers gives fans their first look at Black Adam's gameplay and super move, as well as a good deal of Supergirl's origins, including the destruction of her home planet and a baby Superman.
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The biggest takeaway from the trailer is our first look at Supergirl's side of the story. While we've seen her in action in various trailers and in Injustice 2's closed beta, this is the first time we know much about her motivations, or her relationship with her cousin. Based on appearances, it would seem that Kara's first interactions with Superman happen at the beginning of the game, as she is seen fighting alongside him and Wonder Woman.
At some point in the story, she probably realizes how twisted he's become, and will go over to Batman's side of things. In several comics, Supergirl is actually more powerful than Superman, despite being less familiar with how to control her powers on Earth. With that in mind, I put good money on Kara Zor-El being the one who takes Superman down for good, but that's just speculation.
Black Adam is also a great reveal, and easily has one of the coolest supermoves we've seen in the game so far, if that is indeed what is shown in the trailer. The footage doesn't give a lot to speculate on in regards to his moveset, but if the recent trailer releases have been anything to go by, he should have his own personal trailer sometime soon.
For a look at the previous Shattered Alliances trailer, you can head right . Earlier this week we saw Cheetah get her own trailer, highlighting her gameplay, which you can get a look at .
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Injustice 2’s third story trailer features Supergirl and Black Adam

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm have released the Shattered Alliances: Part 3 trailer for Injustice 2. This latest story trailer showcases Supergirl's place in the war between Batman’s resistance and Superman’s regime, as well as the foes she will have to face during her time on Earth. One of those enemies is Black Adam, ...]

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