Friday, 24 March 2017
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'Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando Mobile' Review - Don't Disturb My Friend, He's Dead Tired

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I'll give this to Capcom, they sure picked an unusual bunch for their latest mobile initiative. Given the original game's importance in Capcom's history, 1942 Mobile [$1.99] made a certain amount of sense. It was their first big hit, and shooters tend to play well with the mobile audience. Ghosts 'n Goblins [$1.99] is certainly


Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass Review France's Time to Shine | COG

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COG writes - Battlefield 1's first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, is not a piece of DLC that you'll want to pass on, featuring 4 new maps and a slew of extra content.


The Capcom Port Train Keeps Chugging as 'Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando MOBILE' Hits the App Store

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Capcom announced early this month that they'd be bringing mobile ports of four of their classic arcade games to the App Store, and each week since then they've followed through with that promise. Things kicked off with the release of 1942 Mobile [$1.99] two weeks ago followed by Ghosts'n Goblins Mobile [$1.99] last week. This


Minimalist Strategy Game 'Militia' With Dark World Expansion Hits Mobile

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BrainGoodGames has just brought its single player competitive strategy game Militia [$3.99] to iOS, with both light world and dark world modes. The idea is the game should have depth but low complexity. You command several different units of different types on a battlefield, and your objective is to to use these units and their


Battelfield 2'42 Redux

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Battelfield 2'42 Redux
I am not the creator of Battelfield 2'42 Redux, This is just a reupload of the mod, as it seems the download link for the mod has gone missing. To install simply put "BF2" into the mods folder. As for what the mod is, its a recreation of BF2 in BF1942. And should be the newest version, altough im not sure. If this for any reason needs to be taken down it will, as i have no rights over the mod.


March 2017 PC Alert: Huge Deals On Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefield 1, NieR Automata and More

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The past few months have brought with them the release of some seriously killer games. Mass Effect Andromeda has many players busy currently, but theres also recent hits like Battlefield 1, NieR Automata, and Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands to dump your free time into.


BF1| Easter Eggs News & Info

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What we got here for you today is simply mind blowing! It has only been one week since Battlefield 1's DLC launched. Here are our thoughts.


Battlefield 1: New features and class weapon variants revealed

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A new Revive Indicator, level 10 class weapons and a setting that will make console players very happy


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