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Here's exactly when Dawn of War 3 unlocks in your area

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Not long now until you can take to the grimdark battlefields of the grimdark 41st millennium and blast the grimdark out of some orks, Eldar or space marines, according to your preferences. Here's exactly when you can get stuck in.
A good space marine goes into battle fully briefed - though an ork probably doesn't. Anyway, here's .
Dawn of War III unlocks at 07:00 Pacific time today. Unlike in some games it looks like that’s going to hold around the world, so here’s what it looks like in major cities near you:

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 mods - what we want to see

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There are lots of strange suns overlooking the oddball planets in the 40K universe, and on Relic’s world, dawn only comes around twice a decade. Each time it’s an event - a different vision of what a Warhammer RTS could be - and ushers in new possibilities. Just imagine what Dawn of War 3 mods could be now, in the age of Steam Workshop.
This time, the series returns to a world where mods can reach larger audiences than ever before. Here’s what we hope to see land in our download folders, like drop pods on an alien battlefield. Dawn of War 3 mods A rulebook’s worth of extra Space Marine chapters
Dawn of War 3 will launch with just three factions: Space Marines, Eldar and Orks. Relic have sensibly picked the most-played races of previous games to begin with, but left the weirder and wilder corners of Games Workshop’s fiction unexplored.

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Best Weapons To Use For Each Class To Improve Your Game On BF1

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In this post we want to give you an updated list of quick loadouts that you can use to be a better player in Battlefield 1's multiplayer classes.


War of Crown - Screenshots

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War of Crown focuses on delivering an uncompromised strategy RPG gameplay experience on mobile. Fans of the genre will appreciate the degree of control and awesome amount of tactical options available. Players can easily manipulate each aspect of battles, including the camera with it’s simple touch controls. Each battlefield is comprised of rich-looking environments, and wide-ranging designs of each level, giving both allies and foes a chance to seize victory across stunning landscapes. In every battle, players will need to form teams of varying classes, elemental attributes and skills to win. Every unit and their skills have been beautifully animated to create an amazing gameplay experience for fans.


Dawn of War 3 units - all the confirmed and rumoured units so far

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Dawn of War 3 is coming on April 27. Three factions meet on soon-to-be war-torn battlefields and beat the ever-loving hell out of each other for the rest of time. Base-building has returned, which means properly-sized armies are back too. The make-up of your forces will matter, and we’re here to guide you through everything we know about who they are and what they do.
For more on Dawn of War 3’s release date, multiplayer and everything else we know, check our dedicated article. Dawn of War 3 unit guide
Before we jump into the individual factions, you need to know your types:

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Taking Call of Duty back to World War 2 is a case of “the right game at the right time”

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Call of Duty has fought a battle in every theater of war imaginable, from Normandy Beach through to space itself. This year however, marks a return to the era that made Call of Duty a powerhouse as the battlefields of World War 2 welcome the series back to its roots.


Battlefield 1 and how to treat war with respect in videogames

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Whether to venerate or deplore the struggles of the over 70 million military personnel who were mobilised during World War One is an impossible conundrum. The facts are unchanging: nine million soldiers and seven million civilians died, 20 million people wounded, thousands of soldiers drafted in from all over the Great British, German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian and French colonial empires, more than one million wounded and killed in the Battle of the Somme alone. On paper, we have no right to get squeamish about the First World War when we have no problem playing a game like the original Call of Duty, which is set in a war that claimed the lives of 60 million. So why does Battlefield 1 make me cringe uncomfortably whenever I hear about it?
Prefer observing from above? Try the. Upcoming PC games Battlefield 1

It first set in with the blockbuster reveal trailer. Biplanes zipping around like X-wings, a dubstep remix of Seven Nation Army, men battering each other with shovels and someone being engulfed by a cloud of mustard gas. It’s a nightmarish cavalcade of tactlessness - one that’s so far removed from the reality of that conflict that for DICE to claim any semblance of authenticity to it should be out of the question.

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Biggest changes of Battlefield 1’s spring update detailed

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Battlefield 1‘s impending spring update will add some major features that the community has begged for since launch. Patch notes for the spring update are not yet available to the public, but Battlefield YouTuber Westie got an early look at the upcoming changes. The full list of changes is too exhaustive for Westie to convey ...]


Battlefield 1 gets platoons and new guns in spring update, private servers coming soon

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Battlefield 1’s spring update is imminent, and after a developer livestream earlier today, we got a closer look at what it'll add: Platoons are coming back, as are several new weapon variants to unlock at class rank ten.
Free the world from various tyrannical threats by shooting stuff in the .
Platoons are essentially clans, and are a way to help you stay in touch and play with your friends. They were first introduced in Battlefield 3 but have been reworked from scratch, with new additions to enhance their visual impact on the game. Notably, squad names will change to the platoon name once it occupies most of the slots; capture point flags will show the emblem of the platoon that contributed the most to capturing it; and platoons will sit across several Battlefield titles, so yours should be useable in Battlefield 4.

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