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Fallout Shelter is now available on Steam and gets new quests

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Valve's PC game store is making room for an experience most know for it mobile success. Bethesda announced today that its free-to-play Fallout Shelter is now available on PC's biggest digital game store, Steam. Fallout Shelter debuted for iOS and Android in 2005, with a PC version following in 2016. The game has over 75 million ...]

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Stick a needle in your eye, throw fireballs - Arkane walk you through your powers in Prey

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Prey publishers Bethesda have decided that this week is ‘powers week’, and they’re showing loads of new footage exploring the alien abilities you’re able to command in their forthcoming immersive sim.
Can't wait to stick a needle in your eye? Here's so far. Prey
Today’s trailer features commentary from the developers at Arkane, who take you behind the scenes of the Neuromod Division and walk you through the fruits of their labour.
Some powers are non-alien in nature, but rather are massively enhanced human abilities such as hacking, shooting and repairing. Lead systems designer Seth Shain says the repair skill tree is one of his favourites, as it’ll let you take advantage of the station’s own defences - such as gun turrets - by fixing them up and turning them on your enemies.

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Fallout Shelter now available on Steam

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Fallout Shelter, Bethesda's free-to-play game that puts players in charge of their own vault, is now available to download on Steam. Steam users can head over to the game's Steam page right now and download the game for free. The Steam version includes support for Steam Achievements and Steam Cloud support, allowing players to switch PCs ...]

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Build a better vault in Fallout Shelter, coming to Steam at 3pm today

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A page for colony collect-'em-up Fallout Shelter has appeared on Steam, indicating the game is due to unlock at 15:00 BST today (that's 07:00 PST).
Light on caps? Try our list of the . Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter first via Bethesda's own client, but they've clearly decided they fancy a bigger audience.

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Prey - "Weapon and Power Combos" Trailer Released

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Bethesda and Arkane Studios have revealed a new gameplay trailer today for Prey, looking at some of the ways that players will be able to combine their weapons and power combos featured within the game to take down the Typhon aliens.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind shows the Battlegrounds PvP and new Warden class

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Bethesda has released the latest footage for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind teasing the Battlegrounds PvP mode and new Warden class. Check out the details here.

Bethesda breaks down all the alien powers Prey has to offer

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Prey publisher Bethesda Softworks recently detailed the arsenal of alien abilities players can employ in their fight for survival, with a new trailer showing them in action. The player's alien abilities are divided into three skill trees—Energy, Morph, and Telepathy—with a number of upgradable abilities available in each tree. Skill trees are not mutually exclusive to each ...]


Combining Powers To Great Effect

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Arkane and Bethesda have released a new trailer showcasing the many weapons and powers of Prey. The game puts you in control of how you want to approach each situation, and this latest video shows some very effective routes you can take.
You can see the full video below.
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Bethesda is also promising more looks at Prey over the next couple of days. Prey launches May 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more on the game and its development, check out .


Kick fools into lava in Battlegrounds, a new PvP mode coming to The Elder Scrolls Online

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You probably know that the latest expansion to the Elder Scrolls Online will send us back to Vvardenfell, an island in the Dunmer province of Morrowind and setting of one of the best-loved games in the series. At Pax East earlier this month, developers Bethesda showed off the PvP Battlegrounds mode that will be added in the expansion, and now a trailer has dropped giving us a closer look.
Wondering how Morrowind was built for The Elder Scrolls Online? . The Red Mountain
Battlegrounds is a fast-paced, small-scale 4v4v4 PvP mode. Fans who tried it at Pax East also got to play with some of the expansion’s other new additions, such as the new Warden class, war bears and ice spells. The arena featured is in the Red Mountain, the iconic volcano which will drown Morrowind in ash later in The Elder Scrolls timeline. Players can kick one another into its lava for some nice environmental damage.

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