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New World of Warcraft fan server recreates The Burning Crusade - as it was a decade ago

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Did you play The Burning Crusade when the World fo Warcraft expansion launched back in January 2007? I did. I remember the queues, the slow grind to level 70 and the soul-destroying progression. But I also remember the first time I walked through the Dark Portal to Outland. It was a wondrous moment and it looked a bit like this.
Over time, Blizzard moved on from The Burning Crusade, smoothing out the World of Warcraft playing experience, adding expansions, new features and mechanics along the way. The Burning Crusade as it was a decade ago became a distant memory, a special moment in time never again to be repeated - until now.
Felmyst is a new fan World of Warcraft server that aims to recreate the vanilla The Burning Crusade experience - and it launches this Friday, 21st July.


'People were upset but I'm not—I think there will be something coming,' says Terry Crews on Doomfist and Blizzard

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"If I ever do do anything with Blizzard, you watch: it’ll be perfect."

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Blizzard is adding War Chests to StarCraft 2

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Along with RPG mechanics, one cross-genre feature that has done gangbusters business in the last few years are...

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StarCraft 2 is getting seasonal subscription boxes for each race

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Blizzard are launching a seasonal subscription box, called War Chests, for each race in StarCraft 2. Starting this week, you’ll be able to find skins, sprays, decals, and side these boxes, which will be available in three monthly phases.
For similar, check out our list of the. StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void pre-purchase
If you want to grab them, you can get on for the Zerg, Terrans, or Protoss for $10 each. For all three, you can grab the $25 bundle. You don’t get all the content straight away though. You get a unit skin, then the rest is made unlockable in-game. So it’s $25 for three skins until you actually play the thing. 

Blizzard reveals Overwatch and Hearthstone drop rates in South Korea

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Heroes of the Storm, too.


World of Warcraft Chronicle Vol 3 Coming 2018

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Dark Horse and Blizzard Entertainment have announced the third installment in the World of Warcraft Chronicle book series.


Blizzard's loot box odds are (probably) the same in all regions

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Late last week, Blizzard published the odds for loot box item drops for three of its big games in South Korea.
What's about to change in Overwatch? Keep up to date with our .
This follows , to which the Korean odds are identical. This suggests that the odds are the same across all regions.

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Why Overwatch's 'big bad' Doomfist is a catalyst for seismic change in Blizzard's hit shooter

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War is coming.


Blizzard settles on plan to make Roadhog overpowered every second month

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Overwatch developers have struggled since launch to come up with the right balance for Roadhog, but now believe they have hit on the perfect solution: alternating between an ‘overpowered’ and ‘underpowered’ version every other month. Overwatch roadhog point and clickbait
“First the players told us they didn’t like it when Roadhog could instantly kill almost every other hero in the game in one hit,” explained game director Jeff Kaplan. “Then they told us they didn’t like it when he couldn’t do that.”
“Now we’re thinking – what if he could do both? We think you guys are going to have some real fun with this one.”

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