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[Video Chums] Fantastic Contraption - Clever puzzles and a farting cat

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Some games are so strange that you have to play them to believe it. The construction-based puzzles in Fantastic Contraption may be tricky to solve but does it offer a worthwhile VR gaming experience?

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The cliffhanger at the end of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us won’t ever be explained

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If you asked fans of Telltale’s games which of their series was the best, those who are correct would point at Tales from the Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll see a follow up to either any time soon.
Check our list of for all future releases. This is one of the less subtle examples in the Bigby expression catalogue.
Telltale have explicitly said they have no plans to continue the stories of their Borderlands characters, though they note that Gearbox could use them in future Borderlands games. Considering I didn’t really care about Borderlands and its characters until Telltale did something with them, this isn’t the news I’d hoped for.
As for The Wolf Among Us, they’re not ruling out revisiting the series. The thing is, if they do, they won’t be doing a direct follow-up or answering the mystery of the first season’s cliffhanger ending.

The Evil Within 2s Story Goes Further Into Horrific Dream Worlds

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The Evil Within 2 looks set to continue the story from the first game, taking protagonist Sebastian Castellanos, and dumping him in more horrific worlds.


Wolf 3D Independence Day v1.0

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Wolf 3D Independence Day v1.0
Happy Independence Day! On this occasion, I threw together a Wolf 3D graphics mode. There are a few Sprites changes and new 1 wall. Wolf 3D you'll need the full version. Enjoy what you are bringing. (07/04/15) I updated and added some new features. E.G:Map controls,150 ammo and health. You need Wolf 3D's vga files on playing.

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The Lich King has taken over Tempo Storm and rebranded it

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Arthas has returned to take control of esports with the Frozen Pwn. Sure it's just advertising for a new expansion, but it's still just really cool.

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Twitch follows up Mister Rogers with a Crunchyroll anime marathon on July 27

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Soon you'll be able to get your anime fix on the livestreaming platform Twitch, which just partnered with the anime hosting site Crunchyroll for a 5-day marathon starting on July 27. Though Twitch is known primarily for games, it's also made a push into non-gaming content such as its video-blog section IRL. It also features ...]

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Splatoon 2: Tower Control Ranked Battle Gameplay

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A look at Splatoon 2's multiplayer gameplay in action.

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Stick War

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Big" /> Take control of any unit as you command your your vast stick figure army!

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Aquanox: Deep Descent PreviewTopical Dystopia

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Aquanox: Deep Descent is a novel concept with loads of content, diverse characters, and an intriguing bit of speculative fiction to compliment its gameplay.

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