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Hitman developers Io Interactive to downsize following Square Enix breakup

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Update May 23, 2017: Following their breakup from publishers Square Enix, Io Interactive have been forced to lay off staff to keep the studio afloat.
There's no word on how many staff are affected by the layoffs, but the studio announced the news in a tweet today.

Remedy Entertainment and EA DICE are among some of the studios offering to pick up those affected, so hopefully most of the developers soon find a new home.
There's a chance Io are being forced to downsize to become more attractive to potential buyers, but there's no word on a buyout yet. Square Enix Io Interactive
Original Story May 11, 2017: As part of their financial year 2017 results announcements, Square Enix say they are “withdrawing from the business” of Io Interactive, the folks who’ve been putting together Hitman for the last 16 years. It comes at the end of a year where Square posted record sales and profits thanks to Final Fantasy 15, Rise of the Tomb Raider and various mobile games. 

Battlefield 1 multiplayer is finally getting female soldiers

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True to history, Battlefield 1 will feature female combatants in the upcoming ‘In the Name of the Tsar’ DLC. The add-on for 2016’s critically acclaimed shooter takes the fight to the eastern front where famously there were 15 all-female battalions, including the feared 1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death. This makes Russia unique, as the only country at the time to deploy significant numbers of women in combative roles, as opposed to auxiliary ones such as cooks, medics and mechanics.
Get your ears ready for all that carnage with . Battlefield 1 Female Women Fighters In the Name of the Tsar
Back in October, DICE hinted at the inclusion of female fighters, along with other cool stuff like submarines and camels, in an art book that chronicled the game’s development. This came after learning the idea had been, due to the belief that boys don't believe in female soldiers.

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Star Wars Battlefront II’s campaign will explore morally grey decisions

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Developer DICE expands on its recent Star Wars Battlefront II developer diary with another look behind the curtain at the moral dilemmas players will face in the upcoming shooter. Much of what the developers discuss in the new video was already talked about in the previous developer diary, but LucasFilm creative executive Steve Blank uses the ...]


Next Battlefield 1 expansion will add female soldiers

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Battlefield 1 will be adding female soldiers in their upcoming In the Name of the Tsar expansion, according to an official image used to promote the DLC's upcoming appearance at EA Play 2017. The inclusion of female soldiers has been an issue for Battlefield 1 since before the game was released. Back in June, DICE caught flack ...]


Battlefield 1 Confirms Female Soldiers For The Upcoming DLC

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In a recent Battlefield 1 announcement for In the Name of the Tsar's, DICE confirmed something a little teresting than the usual, female soldiers. Not previously featured in any Battlefield title, DICE is using their upcoming Russian expansion to feature women in the World War I setting....
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15 Boss Fight Tropes That Are Not Going Away Anytime Soon

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You can slice 'em, you can dice 'em but some boss fights will never change.

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Battlefield 1 reveals plans for changing suppression, destruction

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Battlefield 1 developer DICE continues to layout plans for its Roots Initiative update, with the latest reveal covering new gameplay changes aimed at the shooter's suppression and destruction mechanics. The Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative involves DICE taking many of the game's core systems and reworking them to streamline the experience as much as possible. The game's suppression ...]


Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative: Weapons and Melee Changes Revealed

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DICE revealed the latest batch of changes coming to Battlefield 1 as part of the roots initiative. The latest changes are to Weapons and Melee Mechanics.


Children of Zodiarcs Dated, Video Available

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A tactical JRPG with collectible cards and craftable dice combined with classic tactical gameplay


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