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Press Start: Destiny 2 adds new features without changing core gamplay

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Instead of reinventing the wheel, it appears developer Bungie wisely decided to keep what worked from Destiny and expand on and fix what didn't for Destiny 2, writes Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee.


Here’s how you can group up for Raids as a solo player in Destiny 2

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In the first Destiny, many players never touched Raids - the first-person shooter’s meaty end-game content - because there was no matchmaking. You could only play the game’s best stuff if you could get a portion of your friends list together for a planned session. This is all changing for Destiny 2.
Check our for more. Destiny 2 clans
In Destiny 2, Guided Games are a way for solo players to take part in the good stuff. If a group of pals are about to do a Raid and they need an extra player, you can pop yourself down to matchmaking and be transported into the fight. You might even be asked to join their clan.
Clans are fully integrated into Destiny 2 this time around too, with a dedicated in-game screen detailing each of them, from their banners to their clan’s ethos. You can peruse through them and request to join when you find one that fits.

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The PC Gamer Show: Destiny 2, Overwatch, Far Cry 5, and more

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The show starts live at 1PM Pacific. Come watch!


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Released on Android

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Become a lawyer and solve the case. Your client's life is in your hands.


Everything we know about the PC version of Destiny 2 [Windows Central]

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Windows Central: "Last week, Activision revealed Destiny 2 to the world. Windows Central played the PC version at the premiere and interviewed the PC development lead. Here are impressions and everything there is to know about the PC game."


Destiny Fans Should Absolutely be Hyped for Destiny 2; Haters Still Probably Gonna Hate

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More of what Guardians love.

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Phil Spencer talks about COD and Destiny 2 running on Scorpio "Best Console Version of Games"

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"I'm very confident, from what we are seeing and hearing." - Phil Spencer

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Destiny 2: What We Know About Story Line, Game Modes, New Classes, Weapons And Other Secrets So Far

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Destiny 2 hidden secrets and important details about weaponry system, classes, super abilities and enemy factions. Learn about Xbox One/PS4 4K support and max uncapped frame rates on PC.


In Destiny 2, the Red Legion are the “special forces” of the Cabal

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In Destiny 2 there's a new player in town: The Red Legion. Much like the Cabal on Mars and Phobos, these guys are massive walking tanks who require plenty of ammo to take down. On the surface, the Red Legion are typical Cabal shock ‘n awe troops. Dig a little deeper however, and you’ll find that these “special forces” have a few new tricks and units up their massive sleeves, as they’re more than prepared for your usual techniques.

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Dominus Ghaul is the hero of his own story in Destiny 2

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In Destiny 2 a new threat has emerged from beyond our solar system: Dominus Ghaul, leader of the Red Legion and the force behind the invasion of the Last City that results in every Guardian being cut off from their source of Light connected to the Traveller.

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