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3DMark Windows v2.3.3693 Installer

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This update fixes an issue that affected the scores in the API Overhead feature test with DirectX 11 in the earlier 3DMark versions. In some cases, the issue led to more constant buffers to be updated than the actual geometries drawn, causing some systems to get lower scores in the DirectX 11 test. The scores from the API Overhead feature test with DirectX 11 from 3DMark v2.3.3693 are not comparable with scores from the same test in the earlier 3DMark versions. The benchmark scores for the API Overhead feature test with Vulkan and DirectX 12 are not affected. This update also fixes the Time Spy workload looping in Custom runs.

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3DMark Windows v2.3.3682 Installer

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Fixed an issue that could cause the API Overhead feature test to fail at the end of the DirectX 12 test on some systems.

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3DMark Windows v2.3.3663 Installer

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This is a major update that adds Vulkan support to the API Overhead feature test. Benchmark scores are unaffected with the exception of API Overhead feature test, which now produces scores for Vulkan instead of Mantle. New Added Vulkan support to the API Overhead feature test. Use the API Overhead feature test to compare Vulkan, DirectX 12, and DirectX 11 API performance on your PC. The Vulkan test requires compatible video drivers with Vulkan support. Check with your GPU vendor for Vulkan driver support if your hardware is unable to run the test. Note that the Vulkan test replaces the Mantle test found in previous versions of 3DMark. Improved SystemInfo scan time greatly improved on X99 systems. Fixed Fixed an issue that could cause the API Overhead feature test to fail to show a score at the end of an otherwise normal run on some systems. Fixed Time Spy test to properly recover from a corrupted shader cache - if runtime compiled shaders are found to be corrupted, they are deleted and recompiled. Uninstallation also now completely removes the shader cache folder. Fixed a scaling issue that could cause parts of the UI to end up outside the display area on 1080p monitors with 150% DPI scaling. UI will now scale appropriately even on high DPI scaling settings.

From: www.gamershell.com

Microsoft Trademarks Direct Physics - Is This A New Physics API for DirectX 12?

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Microsoft trademarked Direct Physics. After their acquisition of Havok in 2015, this sounds like a dedicated physics API for DirectX 12.

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AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB review: the first-gen Polaris GPU still stands up a year later

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Update April 28, 2017: The AMD RX 480 is getting on for a year old now, with a new half generation card appearing, in the shape of the catchily titled , to operate as its direct replacement. So, is there any point in looking at this aging card. Turns out, yes there is.
The old man of the Polaris generation has still got it, topping our list of the to buy right now. AMD Radeon RX 480
The Radeon RX 480 was the first of the AMD Polaris generation and was built from the ground up for DirectX 12. It was also the first ground-up reworking of their Graphics Core Next (GCN) design in years. Key to AMD’s fresh design was the production shrink of the smallest transistors in their GPUs down to a rather miniscule 14nm lithography.

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GameWorks Flow Tech in DirectX 12 With Real-time Fire and Smoke Simulation Showcased By NVIDIA In New Video

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Right before your eyes, watch it multiply.

From: gamingbolt.com

Dev: Scorpio's 12GB RAM Means No Real Technical Limit; It'll Take 2 Years To Fully Utilize Its Power

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Stardock CEO Brad Wardell said that Scorpio's 12GB GDDR5 RAM means that there'll be no real technical limits on the platform's games for a few years. Still, he said it will take a couple years to fully utilize that and DirectX 12/Vulkan APIs since developers need to have a "core neutral engine" to make the most of these technologies.

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