Wednesday, 24 May 2017
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Quake Champions Closed Beta Hands On Preview: Frantic Multiplayer Deathfest | Fextralife

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Languard at Fextralife writes, "Quake is a classic FPS that had a massive impact on the shooter genre when it released in 1996, similar to Dooms impact. Quake, like Doom, had a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode. While both games are very similar at their core, being fast-paced FPSs with a wide variety of weapons, there were two critical factors Quake had that Doom didnt: Official mod support and a very high skill ceiling. The classic moves that most people know are the rocket jump and strafe jumping. Over the years and through subsequent releases, the intense popularity of the multiplayer overshadowed the single player, to the point that by the time Quake III: Arena was released, it was multiplayer only. This led us to the announcement of Quake Champions, the next multiplayer entry in the series which is set to release sometime this year. Recently, Quake Champions entered a Closed Beta and having spent some time with it, Ive put together this preview on whats inside."


Persona 5 is too damn long

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The Persona games are long as hell, but moreover, theyve always done something with that run-time. Its not just their tight, addictive nature and how these massive stories are broken into easily digestible but compulsively playable morsels. Its the way they bury secrets and tells in their early moments that play out dozens of hours later, or the way relationships that began around hour 20 are tested around hour 60. The notion that Persona 5 would be 100 hours has been paraded around since long before its release as an unmitigated positive. If previous Persona games could pack such love and artistry into 75 or so hours, wouldnt another 25 hours be even better? What might these writers and designers do with the extra leeway? It turns out: Not a whole lot.

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Xbox Gives Gold Members Early Surprise - IGN Daily Fix

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Microsoft reveals Xbox Game Pass new service, first look at Far Cry 5's villain, and today's biggest stories.

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Chow Chow Spa Salon

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Big" /> Join this lovely animal game where you’ll be taking care of a fluffly Chow-Chow that requires your treatment. Begin his pampering and help him to have a great day at your spa salon for dogs. Take care of the neglected aspects from his fur, then bath him to make him clean and happy. The next part is going to challenge your designer skills because you’ll try a funky look with impressive accessories.

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Xbox Scorpio Console Is "Promising," Cliff Bleszinski Says

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Microsoft is "getting their sh** together," the Gears of War designer says.


New Trailer for Super Cloudbuilt

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Super Cloudbuilt is a rocket-powered parkour platformer designed to test your reflexes and pathfinding skills as you leap, run and boost above a vast abyss

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