Tuesday, 25 April 2017
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500 ID@Xbox Games Released: Here are Some our Favorites

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Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "There have been 500 ID@Xbox Games released at this point and now to take a look at some our favorites from this long list of Xbox Indie games."

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The Sexy Brutale Review // Eggplante

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Eggplante: "The Sexy Brutale already stands as one of the most impressive indie games of 2017, bringing together a sublime presentation, highly creative gameplay, and an exceptional storyline with no shortage of dirty secrets to discover!"

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[Video Chums] Flinthook - A roguelike that'll have you hooked

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Indie game developers love making action-packed 2D platformers. Flinthook manages to combine elements from many inspirations and craft a solid roguelike experience so let's get ready to pillage some pirate ships in space!

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Typoman Revised Collectors Edition Unboxing Gone Wrong

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We got a chance to unbox Indiebox which is a Lootcrate kind of service but in the form of indie games and collectables surrounding it. March was Typoman which had some pretty cool things in it! Of course we go off the rails in the unboxing!

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How Indie Devs Are Filling the Platforming Void

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Let's break down one of the best genres in video games today -- the platformer -- and what indie games are reshaping how they're seen by the community at large.

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Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades discusses a middle ground between indie and triple-A

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As part of their spotlight on Hellblade: Sensua’s Sacrifice, got the chance to sit down with creative director Tameem Antoniades to discuss Ninja Theory’s goals in self-publishing Hellblade. Having worked with huge developers and seen the rising cost of making a game first hand, Antoniades wants to see a third way established for developers, one that fits between the struggles of indie and the exorbitant budgets of triple-A.
Check out what's coming over the horizon with our list of . Hellblade Senua&'s Sacrifice
Following the cancellation of Razer, a huge co-op action game developed by Ninja Theory, the team was essentially told that they could make indie games or they could stay within the sphere of triple-A. Those were the only two choices now available in the industry. Antoniades saw the fall of great ‘double-A’ studios like Mucky Foot and Bullfrog, who became a victim of the great divide between indie and triple-A, and decided that there must be another way.

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