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Turns out you can drive the go-karts in Planet Coaster using these secret cheat codes

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Sneaky devils, those game developers. When they’re not squirreling away they’re hiding , or making the Konami code do everything from Rickrolling you to putting your house up for auction on eBay. Probably.
U in need of some UGC? Check out the . Planet Coaster cheat codes
Well now there’s another one to add to the list. Because it turns out that Frontier Developments have tucked away a bunch of cheat codes in the without telling anyone.
Not only that, they’ve been active ever since the Spring Update launched on 11 April, meaning clandestine gaming goodness could have been yours for more than two weeks, had you only known.

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Kona Review | Gameumentary

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Gameumentary: Kona is a mystery game with survival elements that provides a well-realized and earnest look at early 1970s Québec, despite some missed narrative potential.

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Super Bomberman R Patch Fixes Just About Everything That Was Wrong With The Game

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That was... unexpected, coming from Konami.

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UK software sales (Week ending 04/22/2017) – Switch/Wii U/3DS charts

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This week's Switch/ Wii U/3DS-specific UK software sales are as follows: Switch 1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo 2. 1-2-Switch - Nintendo 3. Lego City Undercover - Warner Bros. Interactive 4. Super Bomberman R - Konami 5. Just Dance 2017 - Ubisoft 6. Skylanders Imaginators - Activision Blizzard Wii U 1. The Legend of Zelda:...

Metal Gear Solid 2 was the game that changed everything for PS2

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Flashback to the turn of the century and Konami stands as one of the most prolific publishers in gaming. From its 16-bit classics to its more experimental 32-bit titles, the red and orange Konami logo long stood as a seal of quality. PlayStation 2 had just launched, but the initial line-up of games was shaky - and there was a decided lack of a killer app. The reveal of Metal Gear Solid 2 at E3 2000, prior to the system's Western launch, was the turning point in the fledgling system's fortunes.
Hideo Kojima completed his first draft of the game's design document in January 1999. The sequel was referred to as Metal Gear Solid III or MGSIII - the roman numerals referencing the New York skyline. The document lays out ideas for a sequel that would be developed for Sony's still unannounced next-generation console - the PlayStation 2. Kojima envisioned huge numbers of enemies on screen with bodies that remain in the scene, the interaction of light and shadow, physics interactions with real world objects, multi-tiered environments and advanced enemy AI. The intent was not to push visuals to the limit, but rather to use the processing power of PlayStation 2 to deliver an enhanced gameplay experience, something the team continued to work on all the way to the run-up to E3 2000.
The road to E3 was a challenge - the team worked hard to prepare a trailer that Kojima himself helped to craft. Internal demos give us an idea of what the game looked like prior to this initial reveal but a lot of work was poured into creating the finished reveal. The trailer would be created from the game engine rather than pre-rendered imagery while enemy behaviour and scenarios were programmed to behave in a specific fashion for the showing. The staff at Konami's American office were initially sceptical of this nine-minute presentation, as it would eat up a significant chunk of their video roll and they hadn't even seen the game yet, but Kojima persisted and the stage was set for the big reveal.

Super Bomberman R Adds Gradius, Silent Hill, and Castlevania DLC

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Konami will be adding new characters from various Konami franchises - including Silent Hill's Pyramid Head - to Nintendo Switch exclusive Super Bomberman R.


Bomberman DLC characters include Konami classics

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Konami is flashing back to their classic IPs by including them in a future DLC update for Super Bomberman R.

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Super Bomberman R Getting Silent Hill DLC

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Remember all the games Konami used to make? Well some of them are coming to Bomberman.

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