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Logitech are buying Astro for $85 million in cash

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Logitech are looking to add to their gaming headset stable by buying high-end headphone manufacturer Astro for $85 million in cash. They’re going to need a mighty big briefcase…
It looks like Logitech want to run the headset game, but the cans in our guide to the won’t go down without a fight. Astro A50 Blue
In , Logitech explain that Astro will be their window into the console market, freeing Logitech up to focus on us PC gamers. Great news for us, if are anything to go by.

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Logitech G433 review: Stylish multi-taskers that don’t sound half bad either

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Logitech’s G433 is a striking headset, sure, but it can’t rely solely on looks. Marketed toward gamers who actually go outside, will the latest of Logitech’s gaming headphones also manage to be a versatile and reliable performer at the $100 asking price?
Logitech are just one of the many players in the headset game. Find out which will suit you best with our guide to the . Logitech G433 Review
With a sporty aesthetic and promotional videos dubbing it “not just a brand new headset,” but “a brand new category of headset,” Logitech are making some bold claims about the functionality of the G433s. The sporty design, swappable cables for different uses, and removable microphone seem to support their aim to make a reasonably priced headset that does everything.
It’s an intriguing concept for sure, but that age-old question still remains: are they any good? Well, there’s only one way to find out...

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Astro Gaming bought by Logitech

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As revealed earlier by Game Informer, Astro Gaming has been bought by Logitech for a cool $85 million. In this blog post from Logitech, from vice president and general manager Ujesh Desai he makes it clear that there are no plans to discontinue Astro Gaming's products and further discusses how the two will operate together. With Astro laser-focused on designing products for console gaming, and Logitech G focused on building the most advanced PC gaming gear, together we’ve got gamers covered no matter what platform they play on. The deal is due to be completed sometime in August. What do you think of the deal? Good for Astro or better for Logitech? Let us know below.

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Logitech acquires headset maker Astro

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Logitech’s announced that it’s soon to acquire ASTRO for a sweet $85 Million, with the deal going through in August.

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Logitech acquires Astro Gaming to form an audio-headset behemoth

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Logitech has just purchased access to the console audio-headset market by acquiring Astro Gaming. The company already has a significant presence in the gaming-peripheral market on PC with keyboards, mice, and headsets, and Astro will give Logitech a piece of that action when it comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Logitech purchased Astro as ...]

Logitech has acquired Astro

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The gaming headset manufacturer joins Logitech's gaming division.

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Corsair Glaive RGB review: floats like a butterfly, built like a tank

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I just know the Corsair Glaive would survive the apocalypse. Every inch of this excellently constructed mouse smacks of high quality – similar to the vibe you get from Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller. Those Omron switches can stand up to 50 million clicks, don’t you know?
This mouse is seriously praiseworthy, but how does it stack up against the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum in our guide to the? Corsair Glaive RGB Review Header
That’s a good start for Corsair’s second priciest mouse (after the button-mad Scimitar Pro), but with so many competitors in the same price range vying for supremacy, is sturdiness the only thing the Glaive can boast over its rivals?
Click on the quick links below if you want to get straight to the juicy bits.

Daily Deals: 2017 Samsung 50" 4K Smart HDTV for $530

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Logitech Z906 5,1ch THX Computer Speakers, Monster Milk and Whey Protein, Switch Bundles with Zelda Collectibles


Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

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The Logitech "Pro" keyboard is as simply designed as its name implies - it's a fast, high-quality tenkeyless model for gamers, period. It's expensive but well-made and easily one of the best we've tested.

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The Logitech MX Master wireless mouse is down to £48 on Amazon

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Set your mouse free.


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