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Starcraft Remastered Official Announcement Trailer

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The original Starcraft is coming to a PC near you with updated 4K graphics.


Warframe’s latest update adds a new Frame who can damage enemies by dropping the bass

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Marking the game’s four year anniversary, Digital Extremes have released their latest content update for free to play action game Warframe. Titled Octavia’s Anthem, this update adds the magical maestro Octavia as a playable Warframe, who can destroy enemies with the power of music.

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Octavia Warframe
Octavia’s power comes the Mandachord, a fully programmable electronic instrument which controls her abilities in battle. Divided into percussion, melody and bass, players construct special songs which actually affect Octavia’s combat capabilities. With her Mallet ability, you dispatch enemies with a killer drum solo, as a ball of energy sends out blasts based on your Mandachord’s percussive track.

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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Shows Its New Looks In First Trailer

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Atlus showcased the first trailer of Radian Historia: Perfect Chronology, their upcoming 3DS remake of the Nintendo DS RPG, during their special announcements live stream today.
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Running With Rifles is heading to World War II, with its upcoming Pacific Theater expansion

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Another shooter is heading back to the time of the Greatest Generation, as Osumia Games have announced a new expansion for top down shooter Running With Rifles, titled Running With Rifles: Pacific. Featuring two new factions, several new vehicles and a cache of weapons from the era, Running With Rifles: Pacific should be quite the exhilarating jump back in time.
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This news coincides with the release of version 1.50 for Running With Rifles, which adds a brand new beach invasion map, alongside new weapons, mechanics and a whole host of balance changes. If you’re not up to speed on Running With Rifles, it’s a multiplayer top down shooter where players take the role of a single soldier in a massive company. As you complete missions, gather better weapons and occasionally teamkill your fellow squaddie, you’ll gain access to more devastating firepower and command over friendly soldiers.

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Player 2 Plays - Yooka Laylee

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Join Player 2 as they take you through the first world of upcoming 3D platformer Yooka Laylee.

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Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! Cheat Codes

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Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! cheat codes will allow you to unlock and get all In-App purchases for free. You can get 200 Tips, for example, from Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! which normally costs $0.99 for free. Just use cheat codes we provide to you bellow...

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Watch: Thimbleweed Park and the best games for Twin Peaks fans

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1990s TV drama Twin Peaks left a lasting impression on pop culture, with its iconic setting, idiosyncratic weirdness and pervading air of supernatural menace. It's been hugely influential not only in film and tv, but in videogames as well.
There are shades of the show in upcoming retro point and click adventure game Thimbleweed Park, with its FBI agents, diner action, and mysterious murder, but for Twin Peaks fans looking forward to the new series, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Twin Peaks-like games, as we discover in this week's Show of the Week.
Much like Twin Peaks, upcoming first-person thriller Get Even is difficult to describe. You play as a gruff Sean Bean soundalike who wakes up in an abandoned asylum, with mysterious texts telling him to save a girl.

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Games reviews roundup: Mass Effect: Andromeda; Voez; Ghost Blade HD

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A sci-fi franchise’s new mission is beset by old bugs, the Switch gets musical and a shoot’ em up provides a powerfully pure arcade experience
PS4, Xbox One, PC, EA, cert: 16
Despite the lofty reputation that the original Mass Effect (2007-12)has garnered, it’s crucial to remember that those games had no shortage of bugs, errors and glitches on release. Bearing this in mind will make the failings of Andromeda far more palatable. Chiefly, those irritants are in the domain of animation, with characters’ facial features and physical movements feeling wooden and unnatural. Stilted voice work delivering unrealistic dialogue doesn’t help either. These are real problems in a game where relationships are central to an investment in the universe.

Elsa Mom to Be Shopping

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Big" /> Elsa is going to be a mom soon! She wants to do some shopping for the upcoming Mother's Day. Could you help her? Guide her to different stores to shop for maternity dresses, shoes, jewelries and other accessories. Dress her up and make her the most stylish pregnant mom! Have fun!

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