Friday, 23 June 2017
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Co-op Flash Sale! Save up to 90% on Games to Play Together

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Hi everyone! Friday’s here and we’ve got 100+ reasons to stay in this weekend with PlayStation Store’s Co-op Flash Sale. Friends or foes, couch co-op or online multiplayer, save up to 90 percent on games best played together. Starting right now, pick up titles like Resident Evil 5, 7 Days to Die, The Jackbox Trilogy and more. But that’s not all, share a laugh with films like Sausage Party and Ted (Unrated), get your couple on with Passengers or round up the gang for a movie night with more than 75 flicks to choose from.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered debuts for PS4 on June 27

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Activision said that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will go on sale as a stand-alone video game on the PlayStation 4 on June 27. The exclusive release means PS4 fans will be able to get the game in stores or via download on the PlayStation Network for $40, while other platforms will follow at ...]

Fallout 4 VR for PS4/PSVR Pre-Order Listed in Amazon Italy

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Pure PlayStation: Amazon Italy has further fuelled the rumours that Bethesda is readying up Fallout 4 VR for PS4/PSVR.


Buying an Xbox One makes more sense than ever, but there's still one huge problem: the PlayStation 4

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At $250, the Xbox One is a more attractive buy than ever before. There's just one huge problem: a lack of major exclusive games.


Give VR a chance; it may be the only revolution in gaming youll see in the near future

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When it comes to VR, gamers tend to ask the wrong question. Its not a matter of Will VR take off? but What will it be when it finally does? VR in general, and PS VR in particular, is at the start of a ten-year curve. Developers are finding their feet and discovering the rules of this new tech. Were in uncharted waters, and that should be cherished. Its easy to want to race to the finish line and demand that killer app, the Grand Theft Auto of VR that will instantly unlock the potential of virtual worlds. Instead we should embrace the long game and enjoy the ride. Were at a unique moment in history when something truly different is on the horizon. Think back weve not seen something this game-changing since the leap from 2D to 3D, from SNES to PlayStation. So let it brew a little longer.


This mod for Half-Life PC ports the HD models and maps from the Playstation 2 version

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Modder jpf_flema has just released a new mod for the first Half-Life game. This mod, called Half-Life PlayStation 2 Port, brings the HD models and the new maps that were featured in its Playstation 2 version to the PC version.


Beyond Good & Evil 2: release date, setting, story, gameplay - everything we know

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 was originally announced back in 2009 before it disappeared for a number of years. But at E3 2017 it made during Ubisoft's press conference. But here's the thing: this wasn't the sequel we had seen originally. So what's going on?
Need to catch up on the original Beyond Good & Evil? .
It turns out creative director Michel Ancel and his team have since re-assessed what this sequel will be. Rather than following Jade, the photojournalist from the first game, in another adventure, we're going back in time to an era before the first game.
Below you'll find all the information we have on this upcoming prequel so far. Beyond Good and Evil 2 Beyond Good & Evil 2 release date
There's no release date or even any release platforms announced for Beyond Good & Evil 2 yet. However, there were that it would be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. But that could also simply be target platforms for now and, as such, are likely to change.

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Review: The King of Fighters XIV Steam Edition Demands Your Respect GameSpew

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Taking the action back to its 2D roots, on PlayStation 4 The King of Fighters XIV was impressive, and on PC it's even more so.


Titanfall 2 still getting free DLC

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players are still getting regular drops of free content. The game's sixth DLC addition, The War Games, adds a couple of extra maps and drops next week.
PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will automatically get the DLC next Tuesday, 27th June.
The Wars Games is headlined by a new map, appropriately-titled... War Games. It's a simulator-set mock-up of high-rise urban buildings and tank garages.


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