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My First Time With Horror: Resident Evil 1

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MonsterVine: "This is a difficult one for me to really express appropriately because at when I was around nine years old, I wasnt familiar with the genre of horror in video games. Horror, to me, was something associated with film and Stephen King Novels."

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Resident Evil Biohazard: Puzzles and Monsters Galore!

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If you want a game that's challenging to the mind and you want to kill some stuff in the process, then this is the game for you!

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Resident Evil 7 Was Originally Much More Like Resident Evil 6

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It was Resident Evil 7 executive producer Jun Takeuchi's idea to focus on horror and change the camera perspective.

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From Hollywood 'talent' to C-grade misery: we round up the craziest moments in videogame cutscenes

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Cutscenes, eh? They’re moments of cinematic wonder. For the most part, anyway. For every badass action moment and amazing storytelling sequence, there’s a horrifically bad bit of dialogue or a cringeworthy segment that’s not even worthy of a direct-to-DVD movie. So they don’t catch you by surprise next time you play, we’ve rounded up the worst offenders in a cheeky little video.
Want more awkward dialogue and stiff animations? Check out these . Worst pc cutscenes
Among the most mad scenes in videogames are some bizarre examples of ‘acting’ from Hollywood greats in Red Alert 3, a classic bit of dialogue from Resident Evil, and some Quarian cringe from Mass Effect. No, not even the masters of character and story Bioware are safe from producing the kind of material that should see them locked up in some kind of psychiatric facility. 

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2Dark review: This Xbox One stealth horror adventure is good but 2Hard [Windows Central]

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Before Resident Evil took the world by storm, Alone in the Dark was the best known survival horror game. Creator Frédérick Raynal is back with a new horror adventure for consoles and PC, 2Dark. In this truly dark game, players must rescue children from kidnappers and serial killers, lest they suffer gruesome fates.

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Resident Evil 7 Gets A Making Of Video Revealing Some Interesting Information About The Game

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Including what the original concept for Resident Evil 7 was going to be like.

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