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The Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs developers want to “stray away” from horror

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If you’ve played Amnesia, you’ll know Frictional Games can do horror very well. In fact, they could be credited with popularising that genre of horror - you know, skulking down corridors unarmed and slowly opening doors until a jump scare happens.
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Their next game, Soma, proved there was more to Frictional than that, though. Soma’s best scares come from existential pondering - they come from the story. In fact, the bits where monsters hunt you are easily the worst parts of that game, which is something Frictional seemed to acknowledge by not making them kill you outright when captured. 

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Frictional Games on two new projects: one's a horror, the other isn't

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The Soma and Amnesia creators are changing things up for future projects.

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Japanese 3DS themes (5/17/17)

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A few new 3DS themes are out now in Japan. Here's the lineup: Brave Dungeon (x2) - 100 yen each The Owl - 200 yen Shake Me x Stan Gun: Gekko Myujikku - 200 yen FuwariP feat.Gumi: Kyou mo Harebare 200 yen TOKOTOKO: Kimiiro ni Somaru - 200 yen Wonderful Opportunity!: Shin de Shimau to wa Nasakenai! 200 yen n-buna×Orangestar:...

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Sci-fi Flash Sale: Save up to 75% on Soma, XCOM 2 and More

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This weekend at PlayStation Store, save up to 75 percent on science fiction games and movies. From post-apocalyptic survival and outer space exploration to dystopian societies and strange worlds – our Sci-fi Flash Sale lineup covers every corner the geek galaxy. Starting right now save on games like Soma, XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Gold Edition, as well as movie like Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Independence Day: Resurgence and Mad Max: Fury Road.

May 2017 PSN Flash Sale Is Live, Here’s All the Deals

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SOMA, inFamous First Light, Battlezone, Kerbal Space Program, and many more games discounted.


Prey Free Weekend Impressions: Get Stoked For This Game

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Did you love DIshonored, Bioshock: Infinite, F.E.AR. and SOMA? Mix all those games together and you've got Prey.

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SOMA Hard Mode V 1.2

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SOMA Hard Mode V 1.2
Faster turning speeds for bipedal enemies Flesher: More aggresive teleportation and is in constant search mode Jin Yoshida: Fixed mod breaking bug where he would play the Eating animation but wouldn't insta&-kill you

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Osomatsu-san: The Game PS Vita bundle announced for Japan

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Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia and Idea Factory have announced an Osomatsu-san: The Game-themed PS Vita bundle to launch alongside the PS Vita game in Japan on June 29. The PlayStation Vita Osomatsu-san: The Game Six Kids Special Pack will include a white Osomatsu-san: The Game PS Vita model, an original PS Vita theme, original design packaging, and the limited edition version of the game. It will cost 28,450 yen plus tax.

[Article] Soma - Tobii Eye Tracking trailer

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Gameplanet Article (

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