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Banner Saga 2 - XB1 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

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Chalgyr's Game Room writes: The Banner Saga 2 picks up right after the end of the first that I covered last week. "The day has been won" - but the war is a long time in coming. Your choices for either good or bad will follow right alongside you in this chapter's challenge for survival as you continue to lead those that would follow.


The Banner Saga 3 pledge manager is now available for exclusive backer pre-order swag and more

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Stoic, in partnership with Versus Evil, have opened up the Banner Saga 3 PledgeManager site where fans can continue to back development of the game and also pick up pre-order only game branded items, chat with the community and the developers as well as learn more about Banner Saga 3.


TBanner Saga 3 will be the darkest, most intense game of the trilogy I Godisageek

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Ryan King:"Summer is rolling in. Its tops off and beers out, as the fiery ball of death in the sky slowly cooks us all. Its beer gardens, park picnics, loud music, and bright, beautiful colours. What better time to take a look at the forthcoming slice of misery that is The Banner Saga 3?"


Review: The Banner Saga Complete Pack + Survival Mode

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The Banner Saga offers a fair challenge...


Stoic Interested in New IP After The Banner Saga 3

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Stoic will "let the series rest for a bit".


Humble celebrate Bafta nominees (and strategy games) with a sale - get all of Hitman for £20

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The Humble Store is having no fewer than two sales - one on strategy games and the other on games nominated in tomorrow’s Bafta games awards.
If you see any discounts on our list of the , pick them up. Hitman
The strategy sale is , and features 75% discounts on major strategy titles such as Age of Wonders III (down to £5.74/$7.50), Endless Legend (down to £5.74/$7.50 for the base game, with variable discounts on its expansions), and Frozen Synapse (down to £4.74/$6.25). Other notable deals include 40% off The Banner Saga (down to £8.99/$11.99) and 25% off The Banner Saga 2 (£11.24/$14.99).

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The Banner Saga Tactics? Stoic want "something competitive" and "mechanically driven" next

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With The Banner Saga 3 in development, developers Stoic Studio spoke briefly about what they might do next after wrapping the trilogy that's made their name. A series of Banner Saga animated films was mentioned as a possibility, but the leading suggestion seems to be a competitive, combat-oriented game, perhaps a Banner Saga Tactics.
If turn-based tactics are your thing, you'll find all the headscratching you can handle in our list of the . The Banner Saga 2
During our chat about The Banner Saga 3 at the end of last week (which you can read ), I wondered if there was anything the developers wanted to achieve in the Banner Saga, but haven’t been able to. Technical director John Watson thinks for a moment.

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Stoic on Community & Change in The Banner Saga 3

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We talked to Stoic's Zeb West and John Watson in London after taking a quick look at the third game in the trilogy.


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