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Nex Machina review

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Good arcade designers often work with four words buzzing around in their brains: What Would Jarvis Do? Jarvis - and I hope I don't need to explain this - refers to Eugene Jarvis, and he's amongst the greatest twitch game designers of all time. With Defender, he created a coin-op legend, a game so overwhelming in its flair and complexity and sheer visual impact that people would drop money into its innards just to witness the explosion that erupted when they died. With Robotron, a broken hand lead to the creation of the first properly implemented twin-stick shooter system in games - you move with one joystick and aim with the other. No fire button needed, because Robotron was relentless.
It was, and is, a beast. You spawn in the centre of the screen to find enemies all about you. These enemies have different behaviours: some are coming for you, some are bad news for the humans scattered around that provide the game's only collectable. Some are firing bullets, and some barely know that you are there. In the primordial soup of all this gloriously simple AI, magical emergent behaviour swarms and multiplies: grunts cluster in bait balls as they pursue you, enforcers work their ways into the corners of the screen. God, it is a hell of a thing. Smash TV coming years later picked up key threads while splitting the action across interlinked rooms, even chucking in a few bosses. A gloriously 80s plot had you fighting not for the last vestiges of humanity but for toaster ovens and other game show glories. Miyamoto might be gaming's Spielberg, but Jarvis is our John Carpenter: violent and angry and funny and oddly elegant all at once. He is well-deployed randomness. He is almost too much.
Deep breath. All of which makes , the fruits of a partnership between Jarvis and Finnish Jarvis acolytes Housemarque, such a treat. I have no idea how deep the relationship went - Jarvis is listed as "creative consultant" - but as I play, part of the fun of this is trying to spot the point at which one arcade great influences the other.


It's Been Amazing To Witness Fire Emblem's Growing Western Popularity

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Now Loading: "I played my first Fire Emblem game in 2010, when it was tough to find any copy in English. Now, it's a fight to beat the rush on preorder bonuses."


The best indie games on PC

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Deciding on the very best indie games on PC is a task that necessarily involves some painful exclusion. The great indie boom triggered by digital distribution a decade ago turned out to be more of a Big Bang, firing small-team development in a plethora of different directions that now defy simple categorisation. The sheer volume is intimidating.

Looking for more ? Then you've come to the right place!

But we should take stock, from time to time, to appreciate everything publisher-less development has given us. Some of the games listed below were built in a weekend by first-time coders, while others were crafted by former triple-A creators who’ve instilled their independent work with the same technical standards. They all have nothing in common but a healthy dose of idiosyncrasy and ideas worth spelunking on Steam for. Best Indie Games on PC The Witness
Best indie games on PC The Witness

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This week’s Xbox Live Deals with Gold and Publisher Sale

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Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One and Xbox 360 can now take advantage of a new batch of discounts. This week, Xbox One owners can pick up Prototype (50 percent off), Forza Horizon 6 Platinum Edition Bundle (60 percent off), Prototype 2 (50 percent off), The Witness (50 percent off), and WWE 2K17 (50 ...]


Little Nightmares - GR Review

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Have you ever awoken at night to realize that the terror you were just experiencing was just a nightmare? While you may be able to cast away these false realities within moments, not everyone has that luxury. This includes Six, the main character of Tarsier Studios' Little Nightmares.
Six exists within a living nightmare, a place where home is a place he doesn't want to be but is bound to, and danger lurks around every corner. In Little Nightmares you're invited to witness his journey to escape the gymnasium of terror that has oppressed him all his life. Are you up for the task?
A Nightmarish Playground
Six is a malnourished young boy who lives in one of the worst places imaginable. The Maw, a decrepit vessel with dreary hallways and creepy enemies, is where you begin your journey.
The Maw is an extraordinary place. Incredible attention has been paid to each square foot of the environment, with its cold subterranean factories and Victorian era bedrooms. Book shelves, pipes, wooden chairs, and other objects serve not only as instruments of presentation, but also for gameplay. This is a puzzle game at heart, one that teaches you to analyze your surroundings and use what's available to progress to the next area.
As great as Little Nightmares presents itself, it sounds even better. The sound of water dripping from the ceiling, floorboards creaking from the weight of monsters above, and the shrieking of these monsters when they become aware of your presence plays a tremendous role in bringing this world to life.
Little Nightmares is a fitting name. After a rather lengthy tutorial that introduces you to the small number of gameplay mechanics that you need to be familiar with, the adventure routes through set pieces that ...


Outlast II Review Question Your Faith | The Koalition

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Written by Max Moeller at The Koalition: The horror genre has been the butt of all sorts of experimentation these past few years. Location, tactics, and enemies have all been tampered with where we now have a cheeky little game where you break into your neighbors house just for the sake of it. Its a brilliant thing to witness, and we wouldnt be where we are today if games like Amnesia and the original Outlast didnt come in to shake up the formula.


The Witness designer shows off prototype of new game

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It looks like we'll be pushing blocks around in Jonathan Blow's next game.


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