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John Romero is selling the original copy of Doom 2

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If you have space for a handful of floppy discs and a lot of disposable income, John Romero wants to make you his pitch - he’s selling the original copy of Doom 2 and he wants you to bid on it.
Check our list of the for more classics. John Romero
The starting bid was $10, but the discs are already up to $676 on . Romero announced the sale on Twitter, pledging to sign the discs if the highest bidder requests it. 

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Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES UK preorders sell out within the hour

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Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES UK preorders sell out within the hour I think it'd be foolish to suggest that there was little demand for the upcoming Classic Mini: SNES consoles as preorders (which opened up an hour ago) have already sold out. 


Playdead’s ex-CEO announces ‘Somerville’

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One of the minds behind Limbo and Inside has announced the formation of a new Guildford based studio: Jumpship. Their debut project is Somerville, a "sci-fi action adventure" telling the stories of people caught up in the midst of a catastrophe spanning the entire planet. Beyond that, we don't know much else yet. Jumpship has shared an initial teaser trailer for the game and its moody, mysterious setting, underpinned by a composition from Virginia composer Lyndon Holland. Director Chris Olsen had been working on the project since 2014 until subsequently collaborating with Dino Patti, the ex-CEO of Playdead who left the company last year. Playdead, meanwhile, are currently hard at work on their next major project following the launch of Inside. Thanks for your warm reception of INSIDE. Since release, Playdead founder Arnt Jensen and the team have been working on the next adventure. — Playdead (@Playdead) 20 January 2017 No word yet on platforms or a release schedule for Somerville, although the studio very much seems to be in the early stages of the game's development. We're intrigued to see more when they're ready!


Anime Chibi Maker

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Big" /> Make your "OWN" anime chibi and upload in your Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc.

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Her Story creator has a weird teaser for his next project

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We’re a couple of years removed from excellent police procedural and mystery game Her Story now, which has given creator Sam Barlow ample time to work on his next project. A tentatively titled - with no link to the original - was teased well over a year ago now, with little news since. Today, it looks like Barlow has kicked off something new.
Here are the ever made. New Sam Barlow game
Those hoping for definitive clarity may be disappointed. Here’s the man’s tweet about day one on a new project:

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Fire Pro Wrestling World finally launches on July 10 for Steam Early Access

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Fire Pro Wrestling was last seen properly way back in 2012 as an Xbox 360 title, but it’ll be back for a rematch with your thumbs next month as a Steam Early Access title. Developer Spike Chunsoft dropped the bombshell powerslam on Twitter, much to the relief of fans who’ve been waiting ages for news on the game.


Analyst: Big support for 3DS until 2018 and beyond, limited stocks for Nintendo Switch in 2017

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The analyst Daniel Ahmad (known as ZhugeEX on Twitter) has published some data on Nintendo.


Steam’s Summer Sale starts this week

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Prepare thine wallet, for the God of Games is poised to grant upon us a bountiful videogame harvest, with no genre left untouched. No matter what hungers you, my child, there will be something to satiate that pang, for the Steam Summer Sale is coming.
If cheap isn’t good enough, check out our list of the .
The sale begins in just a couple of days time, at 6pm BST/1pm ET, on June 22. The dates were confirmed by PayPal on that Twitter thing: 

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Giveaway! Fluidic Antiproton Wrist Lance for Star Trek Online

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To celebrate the console launch of Star Trek Online: Season 13 – Escalation, we’re teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to give some lucky winners a rare ground weapon for the game on Xbox One, the Fluidic Antiproton Wrist Lance. To win, retweet the tweet below and we'll select winners at random: We're giving away 50 Fluidic Antiproton Wrist Lances for Star Trek Online, RT for a chance to win #StarTrekOnline - This is Xbox (@thisisxbox) June 20, 2017 Fluidic Antiproton Wrist Lance Undine weaponry utilises cohesive antiproton streams to damage foes. These streams are known to sometimes knock their opponents away while dealing additional physical damage. The primary fire of this particular wrist-mounted antiproton lance is similar to those adapted into Assault weapons that use this same energy technology. The secondary fire is radically different however, incorporating something akin to the “focused beam” technology sometimes seen in use on Undine starships. It can charge up a massive blast that will scar the surface of whatever the foe is standing on, sending out antiproton energy ripples that cause additional damage to anything they cross paths with. To Redeem Your Code on Xbox One: Install Star Trek Online from the Xbox One marketplace. Upon launching Star Trek Online, you’ll have the option to link your gamertag with an Arc account. This will open the Internet browser on your Xbox One and you can complete the account linking process there. If you skip it now, you’ll have another opportunity later. Once you’re in Star Trek Online, select the Arc option. Install Arc. (You can also search for Arc in the Xbox One Marketplace) Launch Arc and hit the X button. Enter your code in the field and select “Redeem.” Visit the C-Store. Rewards can be found on the tab marked “Promotions.” *These codes are only eligible for the Xbox One version of Star Trek Online and can only be redeemed by one character on a single account. The weapon is bound to character upon pickup. Codes expire December 30, 2020. Season 13 – Escalation is now live on PC, Xbox One and PS4! Learn more about this update by visiting our blog: To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit Weapon Details: Fluidic Beam Burst Assault Weapon Beam Burst is a standard attack that inflicts energy damage. Fires a steady stream of short beams at a single target. This is a heavy primary attack that has a short charge up to activate. (1 max) Targets Foe; Affects Foe 30 meter Range 0.75 sec charge 0.35 sec activate 27.9 Antiproton Damage x6 (79.8 DPS) 5% chance: Repel and 3.4 Physical Damage (100% Shield Penetration) +20% Critical Severity Skills that affect this ability: Weapon Proficiency (Improves Ground Weapons) Combat Specialist (Improves Ground Weapons and Unarmed Attacks) Fluidic Ripple (Expose Attack) Energy Blast launches a concentrated ball of energy that explodes on contact. Deals damage in a radius with a chance to knock back targets. This attack can Expose Targets. Targets Foe; Affects Foe (5 max) 30 meter Range; 4.6 meter Sphere 1.5 sec charge 0.25 sec activate 20 sec recharge 159.5 Antiproton Damage (7.3 DPS) Creates a Fluidic Patch for 12 sec 5% chance: Repel and 3.4 Physical Damage (100% Shield Penetration) +20% Critical Severity Skills that affect this ability: Weapon Proficiency (Improves Ground Weapons) Combat Specialist (Improves Ground Weapons and Unarmed Attacks) Melee Strike (Expose Attack) Melee Strike hits the enemy with your weapon, causing knockback with a chance to stun. Affects Foe (1 max) 2 meter Range; 90 degree Cone 1 sec activate 15.6 Physical Damage (15.6 DPS) (80% Shield Penetration) Knocks back +8 feet 10% chance: Stun for 3 sec +20% Critical Severity Skills that affect this ability: Combat Specialist Improves Ground Weapons and Unarmed Attacks)


Anime Chibi Maker

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Big" /> Make your "OWN" anime chibi and upload in your Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc.

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