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Games reviews roundup: Mass Effect: Andromeda; Voez; Ghost Blade HD

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A sci-fi franchise’s new mission is beset by old bugs, the Switch gets musical and a shoot’ em up provides a powerfully pure arcade experience
PS4, Xbox One, PC, EA, cert: 16
Despite the lofty reputation that the original Mass Effect (2007-12)has garnered, it’s crucial to remember that those games had no shortage of bugs, errors and glitches on release. Bearing this in mind will make the failings of Andromeda far more palatable. Chiefly, those irritants are in the domain of animation, with characters’ facial features and physical movements feeling wooden and unnatural. Stilted voice work delivering unrealistic dialogue doesn’t help either. These are real problems in a game where relationships are central to an investment in the universe.

Claw Hunter: Kickstarter Campaign is live, new Unreal Engine 4 Gameplay Trailer released

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Check out the official Kickstarter gameplay trailer of Claw Hunter, an upcoming Unreal Engine 4 action adventure dino game.


Low-Spec Shooter Ballistic Overkill Leaves Early Access On March 28th - GameRaven

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Ballistic Overkill has quietly been making a name for itself over the last few months. The class-based shooter, inspired by the likes of Quake 3 Area and Unreal Tournament, pits two teams against each other across four game modes.


Take an extended look at customisation and PvP in crunchy punch ‘em up Absolver

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Absolver looks the business. I know Dark Souls is compared to everything these days, but this really does look like Dark Souls for folks who just want to batter each other.
Check our feature for more future hits. Absolver combos
In it, you stroll along twatting AI enemies, reliving your favourite kung fu movie moment, occasionally coming across another player - they can join up with you, or you can lock into PvP combat. 
It looks super tactical, with parries, guards, dodges, combos, weapons, and more. You can even disarm a weapon-wielding enemy and pick it for yourself.

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Dimensional Demo v2.0.1

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Dimensional Demo v2.0.1
Quick patch to fix issue for Oculus users with a single camera. V2.0.0 notes &- The demo has now been updated with numerous improvements including upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.15 and using the Forward Shader with MSAA.

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Dimensional Demo v2.0.0

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Dimensional Demo v2.0.0
The demo has now been updated with numerous improvements including upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.15 and using the Forward Shader with MSAA.

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Unreal Engine 4.15.1

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Start your journey into game development or take it to the next level with Unreal Engine


Renowned Unreal Tournament map Facing Worlds gets modded into CS:GO

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A 17-year old legend is reborn.


Making it in Unreal - how Void Eclipse: Empires at War tames infinity

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“I’ve always been into sci-fi, so I knew my first game would be a sci-fi game,” say Tau Ceti Studios’ Jesse Dannenbring. “I wanted to take the exciting battles and strategies you get in an RTS and put that in a game that lets you span across the galaxy, going from star system to star system.”
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No small task for a first-time developer not keen on the idea of too much coding. Though space is a perennially popular setting for turn-based strategy, it poses unique problems to those wishing to work in it.
Vast star systems must be navigable in seconds. The inky vacuum must be properly lit. And huge planets, barely perceptible in their movements, must somehow appear to be living worlds rather than art assets. Over the course of Void Eclipse’s development, though, Dannenbring has become a sculptor of galaxies. Void Eclipse: Empires at War A void with a view
Void Eclipse: Empires at War galaxy map
Unreal allows for custom camera work, so it’s been possible for Dannenbring to set up an overview of an entire galaxy - rather than simply what’s in front of your nose.

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