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VR Zone Shinjuku Proves the Future of VR Gaming is in the Arcades

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VR Zone Shinjuku
Virtual Reality gaming has been getting a lot of press in the last couple of years thanks to peripherals like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. Despite being impressive technologically, these ...]

Finally, a VR game that lets you use radioactive material while gardening

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If you've always fancied yourself a bit of a gardener then Seed could well be right up your alley. It's a virtual reality game all about growing plants in a small lab/greenhouse.
For more VR games, these are what we think are around. seed all seeing eye
Last week, Epic Games and the Wellcome Trust 

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Terry Crews likes PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds more than you

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Terry loves PUBG. And he thinks virtual reality is the future.


Microsoft needs to adopt VR suggests Farpoint developer

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Finder asked Seth Luisi, the founder of Farpoint developer Impulse Gear, if Microsoft and Nintendo can succeed without virtual reality.


Leap Motion raises $50 million for key component of VR’s growth: hand-tracking tech

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Leap Motion has raised $50 million for its virtual reality hand-tracking technology. J.P. Morgan Asset Management led the round. It's a big vote of confidence in the next generation of VR, as Leap Motion makes sensors that can detect your hand and finger motions in the real world and then translates them into the virtual ...]

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Marvel brings Hulk and Rocket to VR in new Powers United game

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Marvel is looking to bring some of its most popular -- and some of its more obscure -- characters to virtual reality...

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Jon ‘Neverdie’ Jacobs raises Ethereum cryptocurrency to enable cross-platform online game avatars

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Jon "Neverdie" Jacobs has done some crazy things, like running for "President of Virtual Reality" and buying a virtual asteroid for $100,000 in real money in the online game Entropia Universe. Now his Neverdie company is trying to raise a ton of money via the Ethereum cryptocurrency through an initial coin offering (ICO) so that ...]

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Marvel Powers United VR: Disney unveils its first Marvel virtual reality game

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Disney unveiled the first Marvel virtual reality game: Marvel Powers United VR. The new game from Marvel Entertainment is being built for the Oculus Rift + Touch VR headset and hand controls. You can play as various Marvel characters, from the Incredible Hulk to Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. In the game, you ...]

Why now is the time to enter the Matrix (or just buy a VR headset...)

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Remember the first time you ever saw virtual reality in action? You were young and impressionable and thought it was surely the coolest possible way to play videogames. But it was probably at a time when VR was either a fictional device used as a plot point in some far-off quasi-futuristic movie, or a massive, clunky headset which cost tens of thousands of dollars and shared its three polygons with an Amiga 500 busy running Total Eclipse.
You're going to need a banging GPU to go with your VR diet, so pick from our selection of the around today. Oculus Rift
But now it’s really real and, thanks to some , you can grab a complete VR headset with bespoke controllers for less than

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AR/VR Weekly: Surviving the desert

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Venture capital is still out there for augmented and virtual reality studios, but they're finding it continues to be a challenge to get enough consumers to pony up for games on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and mobile platformers. In a recent interview from the Gamelab event in Spain, GamesBeat lead reporter Dean ...]

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