Tuesday, 25 April 2017
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Videogame websites like this are leading kids to commit cyber crime, says research

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Videogames are bad, okay? Let’s just get that out of the way now. The news is controlled by old people, and the old people don’t like things they don’t understand, because things they don’t understand are scary. Videogame websites are also bad, please stop reading before we turn you bad also.
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“Gaming websites could be spawning a new breed of cybercriminals,” opens a new  report. Research shows that children are being indoctrinated by evil videogame sites. 
These free and easily-accessible internet pages are turning our children towards a life of crime. Where is CNBC getting this information? Research conducted by the UK’s National Crime Agency, of course.

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Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC Review | FYIG

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Today, we're taking a look at Ubisoft's first DLC pack for Watch Dogs 2. Is it worth diving back into the game? Find out in our Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC review!

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15 Things You Had NO Idea You Could Do In Watch Dogs 2

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Here are 15 things you had no idea you could accomplish while playing Watch Dogs 2. Go ahead, give it another try!

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Watch Dogs 2 Official Free April Update and No Compromise DLC Trailer

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The game is getting a 2-vs.-2 mode, online races and more.

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Watch Dogs 2 No Compromise add-on brings DedSec Operation and Multiplayer Modes available for PS4

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No Compromise is a new add-on for Watch Dogs, a part of Season Pass is coming on PlayStation Store on April 18 and on Xbox One and PC on May 18.

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