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Lost Sphear announced (Square Enix/Tokyo RPG Factory, PC/PS4/Switch, 2018)

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Attachment 217717 (http://www.gpforums.co.nz/attachment.php?attachmentid=217717) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nT3A8aNwy8 ---Quote---...

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Papers Please short film stays true to its source material

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Lucas Pope's border crossing management sim, Paper's Please, is getting a short film adaptation by Russian Youtuber's...

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A half hour of Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X footage

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Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X recently made its way to Japan, and footage has spread on to YouTube since then. Have a look at a half hour of gameplay below.

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Darksiders Warmastered Edition – Wii U VS PS4 Comparison Video

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YouTuber TiLMENDOMiNATiON has uploaded a clip showing gameplay from Darksiders Warmastered on both the PS4 and the Wii U. The Warmastered Edition for the PS4 was released in December 2016, and has just arrived on the Wii U this month. Tilmen explains that the PS4 version runs at 60 FPS with up to 4K supported, …

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Games Are Looking Even Better With The Latest Update For Wii U Emulator CEMU

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Modders have now added ultrawide resolutions to CEMU, a profoundly experimental emulator for the Wii U that’s currently available on Windows PC. In update 1.8.0, CEMU users can now play Wii U games with 21:9 resolution support. Check out the video below and also I've included a screen grab to show the comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW5FVzs4a3U Thanks …

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Fans accuse Friday the 13th devs of "favoritism" over use of press keys

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Friday the 13th: The Game has had a somewhat troubled release. There have been serious issues with the servers, marring what many agree is a solid multiplayer horror game. But perhaps worst of all, frustrated fans have forced a statement from Gun Media head Wes Keltner about the studio’s decision to give out press keys to streamers and YouTubers.
For more fun with friends, check out some of . Friday the 13th: The Game Wes Keltner Responds to Criticism
It’s a tough issue to discuss, simply because both sides of the argument are easy to sympathize with. On the one hand, you have the fans who funded to the project. They’ve waited a year and a half only to see some random streamer get their hands on it first. Then you have the studio, who have every right to publicise their product to the best of their ability.

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Earn To Die V1

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Big" /> You must buy equipament to pass the level. Visit my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/metin2besthacks/

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DOOM - E3 2015 versus Final Version Comparison Video

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DSOGaming writes: "As we all know, games tend to get downgraded compared to their E3 builds. However, that wasnt the case with id Softwares DOOM game. YouTubes CrowbCat shared a comparison video between the E3 2015 and the final version of DOOM and as we can see, these two builds are almost identical."

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FIFA 18: Electronic Arts has entered into a partnership with Sony?

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There is a lot of interest in a photo published by Polish YouTuber Oskar "Junajted" Siwiec, who was recently invited to a presentation behind closed doors for FIFA 18 which was held at the Allianz Arena, home of Bayern Monaco.

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