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$200 Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle Available Now

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This Ebay deal has the Xbox One S bundle down to one of its lowest prices yet.


User Buys Blizzard Merchandise, Gets Starcraft Source Code

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According to a Reddit post that surfaced April 1, Reddit user Khemist49 had purchased a Blizzard merchandise box on eBay, and he discovered a relatively rare gem within it. Coupled with Blizzard me


Fan gets free trip to BlizzCon after finding long-lost StarCraft gold master

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A Blizzard fan has been offered a free trip to BlizzCon (along with developer meet-and-greet drinks, and other assorted video game bric-a-brac) after discovering a long-lost StarCraft gold master source code disc from 1998.
Reddit user Khemist49 first stumbled across the rare disc after ordering a job lot of Blizzard goodies on eBay. He to Reddit about a month ago, asking, "Found a StarCraft Gold Master Disc from 1998. Does anyone know anything about it?".
After some agonising over what to do with his new prize (with many posters encouraging him to rip and share the disc's contents), Khemist49's mind was largely made up for him; Blizzard got wind of the disc's existence and contacted him directly.


StarCraft Source Code Discovered, Fan Rewarded for Returning it to Blizzard

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Blizzard reward fan with a free trip to Blizzcon after the return of disc found in an eBay purchase.


Redditor finds StarCraft source code in eBay box, returns to Blizzard, gets trip to BlizzCon

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In a fun story of fans and publishers doing right by each other, a humble denizen of the Internet made a lucky discovery, returned it to its rightful owner, and was justly and lavishly rewarded.
If you're sitting on any gold master discs for these , best send them on. You might get a nice plushie.
Rummaging through “a box of Blizzard stuff” he purchased off eBay, “that appeared to be from a storage unit”, Reddit user Khemist49 made a startling discovery: a disc claiming to be the Gold Master source code for the original StarCraft. Unsure what to do with it, he did what anyone would do and posted on . He was soon inundated with suggestions.

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Turns out you can drive the go-karts in Planet Coaster using these secret cheat codes

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Sneaky devils, those game developers. When they’re not squirreling away they’re hiding , or making the Konami code do everything from Rickrolling you to putting your house up for auction on eBay. Probably.
U in need of some UGC? Check out the . Planet Coaster cheat codes
Well now there’s another one to add to the list. Because it turns out that Frontier Developments have tucked away a bunch of cheat codes in the without telling anyone.
Not only that, they’ve been active ever since the Spring Update launched on 11 April, meaning clandestine gaming goodness could have been yours for more than two weeks, had you only known.

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Hot Toys’ latest Star Lord figure is a sixth-scale awesome mix

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Back when the first Guardians of the Galaxy debuted, Star Lord was one of the hottest collectible action figures ever made. The original run from Hot Toys became sought-after and stupidly expensive over on eBay, because that’s how limited supply and demand works. There’s a second chance on the horizon however, as a sequel to GOTG the first means that it’s high time for a sequel figure. One that looks dashing.

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Nintendo discontinues Classic Mini NES in Europe – eBay prices hit £250+

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The short, strange life of Nintendo’s retro TV console has come to an end, with Nintendo UK confirming no more are being made.

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For Honor, $15 for $334 worth of PS3/PS4 games, and an upcoming SNES game?? Video Game Deals, 4/8 update

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In deals this week: For Honor (PS4/XBO). Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4). You can grab a PS4 Slim bundle with 3 games on eBay (sold by Newegg) for $299.99. The Humble THQ Nordic Bundle lets...

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