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Zero Escape: The Nonary Games - GR Review

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You may have heard of Kotaro Uchikoshi’s esteemed Zero Escape series of escape-the-room visual novels, but unless you’re already a superfan then odds are you haven’t heard enough. The series was embroiled recently in a funding dilemma that prevented the release of its third and final entry (known for months simply as ZE3), a saga that finally concluded when immense fandom support and a retooled pitch to Spike Chunsoft finally brought Zero Time Dilemma to life as a Telltale-style cinematic endeavor that largely ditched its visual novel roots. Critics received it well and its existence is a blessing, but it also proved controversial; the mantra of its main protagonist Zero, "life is simply unfair," seems embedded in the title’s very DNA, a fact unlikely to ever change.

Thankfully, The Nonary Games has nothing to do with any of that. Instead, it has to do with bringing two of the finest narrative adventures committed to cartridge back to limelight in their most pure, refined, and definitive forms. I had my worries, especially about the heavy overhaul being applied to 999, but after mere minutes of playing most fears were completely allayed. The Nonary Games is an astonishingly good package.
Seek a Way Out, Again!
If it wasn’t already clear, The Nonary Games is a Zero Escape twofur; included is the first game in the series, 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors (originally released on Nintendo DS and later iPhone), and Virtue’s Last Reward, its followup that appeared on 3DS and Vita. Just like before, the player character is thrown into a twisted game of survival known as the Nonary Game in each instance, forcing them to navigate their environment, interact with suspicious, sometimes shady characters, and escape trap-rooms by solving devious puzzles and ...


From the Forums: The iOS Community's First Impressions on 'Death Road to Canada'

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It's been an unprecedented week for iOS releases, with some heavy hitters such as Typeshift, Oxenfree [$3.99], and Card Thief [$1.99] making their long awaited App Store debuts amidst universal praise and much celebration amongst iPhone gamers. However, one game in particular has stood out - Death Road to Canada [$7.99], the long awaited App

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16 GB Apple iPhones Will Not Longer be Officially Sold as Storage Demand Expands

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It is 2017 and Apple had still decided to dash out 16 GB iPhone and iPad models, when it comes to space, 16 GB is not enough, a single update fills...

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Microsoft & Sony Will Eventually Release iPhone Like Hardware Upgrades Every Year Or So-Stardock CEO

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Would, then, Sony have been better advised to simply wait an extra year and release a more capable machine? When GamingBolt got the chance to talk to Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock, a company on the cutting edge known for pushing graphics and technology, they decided to ask him this question.


Microsoft And Sony Will Eventually Release iPhone Like Hardware Upgrades Every Year Or So- Stardock CEO

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"I think, all the guys will end up releasing just a early or bi-yearly upgrades to these things, like the iPhone."


Apple’s new red iPhone 7 is incredibly sexy

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Apple's new (RED) iPhone is another bid to help spread awareness for AIDS fundraising. But it's also an incredibly sexy new design for the otherwise boring smartphone.

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'FZ9: Timeshift' Is Out Now, Features Bullet-Time FPS Action

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A few days ago, we wrote about FZ9: Timeshift [Free], an FPS that's all about bullet time, and now that game is out for iPhones and iPads. In FZ9 you play as Mak, a government agent who was injected with some kind of weird serum that gives him the ability to control time. And, as every

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Apple Quietly Updates Its iPad Line, Introduces RED iPhone 7

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The most popular iPad size gets a face lift.

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Apple phases out the iPad Air with a 9.7 inch Pro

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Apple phases out the iPad Air with a 9.7 inch Pro Two pretty big things happened today - one: Apple brought out a shiny, red colour for its iPhone 7/7 Plus, and two: it's dropped its 'Air' branding in favour of something much simpler. 
In case you couldn't guess it, this new red-coloured tech is to do with (Product)Red, a company which works together with larger corporations to spread awareness and raise funds to help eliminate the HIV/AIDs virus. This comes after the App Store held in December 2016. 
If you're after a , you can grab the iPhone 7 from £699, or from £33.56/mo. Or, if you're after the iPhone 7 Plus, you can nab it from £819, or from £39.31/mo. It isn't specified exactly how much is contributed toward the fund, but every purchase contributes to the Global Fund. This also applies to such as phone cases, Apple Watch sport bands, and more. 

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