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Quake Champions: release date, gameplay, beta, trailer - everything we know

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After Bethesda’s incredibly successful revivals of Wolfenstein and Doom, it was only a matter of time before they set their railgun sights on bringing Quake, progenitor of the multiplayer FPS, back to the fore of mainstream gaming with Quake Champions. Treading a careful line between old school shooter purity and modern-day concessions like character abilities, Quake Champions is increasingly looking like an FPS fan’s dream come true.
For some aim down sights goodness, be sure to check out the . quake champions
The team are developing the game exclusively for the PC and are promising the same speed of classic Quake, with unlocked framerates and a refresh rate of 120hz. That should be enough to persuade the pro-players that developers id Software and Saber Interactive aren’t messing about. So in the interest of saving you all some time, here’s a comprehensive rundown of everything we know about Quake Champions ahead of it entering closed beta.

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New Trailer Highlights Burial Chamber Arena

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Id Software (Doom) and Saber Interactive (Timeshift) are hard at work on Quake Champions, the latest entry in the venerable FPS franchise. The game is currently preparing for its , but publisher Bethesda isn't done building hype for the title, releasing a new trailer for the Burial Chamber arena.
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The map offers ample opportunity for Quake's signature brand of bloody murder, with wide-open spaces for rocket-jumping and circle strafing, as well as some tighter corridors, perfect for point-blank shotgun battles.
For more on Quake Champions, check out the latest hero trailer, highlighting the

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Android software company Cyanogen reportedly shot down working on a Nintendo OS

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Nintendo's latest console, the hybrid home/handheld Switch, runs a custom operating-system, but it could've had a lot common with Android, according to a key figure from that scene. Cyanogen Inc. executive chairman Kirt McMaster claimed in a now-deleted tweet that Nintendo approached his company to create an operating system for a "certain portable." McMaster ...]

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How Magic Leap’s gaming wizard sees the future of mixed reality games

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Graeme Devine is one of the wizards of gaming, having started at age 14 in the heyday of Atari in the 1970s. He brought us CD-ROM games like The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour. He labored on early Quake games at id Software, and was the games evangelist at Apple as the iPhone was ...]

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Video Game Icons - Doomguy

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Doomguy blasts into the hall of Video Game Icons as the silent but deadly protagonist of id Software's legendary ultra-violent Doom series.

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Quake Champions Preview - A New Old-School Shooter | CGM

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id Software under the management of Bethesda Softworks has a new instalment in the franchise, Quake Champions, and it is fantastic.

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Scalebearer Leaves An Impact In New Highlight Trailer

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A new champion is set to join the ranks of id Software's hero-based online shooter, Quake Champions. Unveiled via Bethesda's YouTube channel, the intergalactic warlord Scalebearer is the primary focus of Quake's latest trailer, which shows the combatant in action with his special abilities that let him pulverize foes by landing on them from above or running into them headlong.
Scalebearer will be joining other characters in the free-to-play title, and will be purchasable with in-game currency called Favor for a limited time, or a more permanent purchase with real world currency. You can check out his trailer down below.
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For more details on exactly how Quake: Champions' free-to-play model works, you can check right . The game is also currently taking that is expected to start soon.

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Quake Champions Gets New Character Trailer Highlighting Scalebearer

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Today, developer id Software and publisher Bethesda, released a new character trailer highlighting the champion: Scalebearer.

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Quake Champions Can Be Played For Free

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Another new tidbit emerges for id Software's latest take of Quake, the series that made established competitive multiplayer FPS on PC. In an interview with creative Tim Willits by Polygon, he revealed that the game will be free-to-play, but with an option to outright buy it.

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