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DOOM - E3 2015 versus Final Version Comparison Video

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DSOGaming writes: "As we all know, games tend to get downgraded compared to their E3 builds. However, that wasnt the case with id Softwares DOOM game. YouTubes CrowbCat shared a comparison video between the E3 2015 and the final version of DOOM and as we can see, these two builds are almost identical."

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Quake Champions: release date, gameplay, beta, trailer - everything we know

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After Bethesda’s incredibly successful revivals of Wolfenstein and Doom, it was only a matter of time before they set their railgun sights on bringing Quake, progenitor of the multiplayer FPS, back to the fore of mainstream gaming with Quake Champions. Treading a careful line between old school shooter purity and modern-day concessions like character abilities, Quake Champions is increasingly looking like an FPS fan’s dream come true.
For some aim down sights goodness, be sure to check out the . quake champions
The team are developing the game exclusively for the PC and are promising the same speed of classic Quake, with unlocked framerates and a refresh rate of 120hz. That should be enough to persuade the pro-players that developers id Software and Saber Interactive aren’t messing about. So in the interest of saving you all some time, here’s a comprehensive rundown of everything we know about Quake Champions ahead of it entering closed beta.

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Quake Champions characters - all the combatants and their abilities detailed

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Everyone’s favourite high-speed gore-fest is making a return in the form of Quake Champions. After its CGI reveal at E3 2016, a gameplay trailer at QuakeCon 2016 and plenty of hours spent fragging foes in the beta, we’ve had a proper look at all of the titular Champions that will be playable when the game launches.
If you're after more on id Software's old school mutliplayer shooter, check out everything we know about.
Quake Champions characters
The Champions themselves have both active and passive abilities that are intended to suit each of the different playing styles FPS players tend to gravitate towards. That means there’s going to be a Champion for long-range players, one for agile players who use speed to outwit their opponents and a brutish tank who can out-damage most others in the arena.

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Quake Champions preview | SG Gaming Info

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SG Gaming Info previews id Softwares upcoming multiplayer-focused arena shooter, Quake Champions.

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ZeniMax file lawsuit claiming Samsung Gear's technology was conceived at id Software

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Update May 15, 2017: Following their successful lawsuit against Oculus and Facebook, ZeniMax have now set their sights on Samsung's range of mobile VR devices.
In the new lawsuit, ZeniMax point out that Samsung are aware of the outcome of their Oculus lawsuit, yet the company is still releasing updates for Gear VR that say the tech is "powered by Oculus". Since Oculus paid out $50 million for copyright infringement, ZeniMax posit that this too uses their technology.
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In fact, ZeniMax say this was all brainstormed inside id Software's offices by former id executives John Carmack and Matt Hooper.
According to the complaint, Carmack snuck a fired Matt Hooper into the id offices in July, 2013. That night the pair formulated a plan to develop mobile VR, with an email allegedly sent to Carmack's contacts at Oculus detailing what they called an "attack plan". 

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How id Software make character abilities feel natural in the old-school arenas of Quake Champions

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As any Quake pro or wikiHow page will tell you, map knowledge is the key to gitting gud at Quake multiplayer. You need to know every narrow corridor and central hub like the back of your hand: how every passage connects, where the best pickups spawn, and areas to avoid when another player has the quad. A good Quake player traverses an arena at breakneck speed, hoovering up weapons and armour, and rocket jumping across gaps you didn’t realise existed - it’s balletic. Only three arenas have been revealed for Quake Champions so far, but it's already clear that the character abilities of all nine Champions work seamlessly with id Software’s level design.
a complete rundown of . Quake Champions abilities
Tim Willits’ role as lead designer on Quake Champions is apparent from a brief fly-through of each of its arenas; save for the graphical improvements, each one bears all the hallmarks of his previous work. They all feel as tall and deep as they are wide, and you can never predict where an enemy is going to appear from, whether you’re sprinting across a bridge or riding an elevator up to the highest level.

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Quakecon will host Quake Champions’ first esports tournament

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kicks off this year in Dallas on August 24, playing host to all the cosplaying, gaming, and Bethesda-ing you’d expect, but 2017's convention will also host the very first pro tournament for Quake Champions, the upcoming revival of the frag-happy id Software shooter.
Here’s . QuakeCon
There’s still no word on a release date for the game, so this first esports tournament will likely still be in the game’s beta version, unless it comes out during the summer months sometime. 
The tournament will feature both Duel and Sacrifice, a new 4v4 team-based fragfest. Qualifiers will be held in June.

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Zenimax bullies indie because it has 'Prey' in the name

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Zenimax, the parent company of developers like Bethesda, Arkane Studios and id Software, has threatened legal action...

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New Quake Champions trailer gives classic ranger character the modern treatment

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Ah Quake. Is there any game that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of ‘90s PC gaming better than this much-beloved, angst-ridden arena shooter? It had everything an edgy kid in the ‘90s needed, like music by Trent Reznor, voice acting by Trent Reznor and 3D acceleration (probably not affiliated with Trent Reznor.) Its sequels continued to build on id Software’s burgeoning multiplayer FPS monopoly and the PC gaming landscape would certainly be a different place without its undeniably mammoth influence.
Keep it old school with some of the .
Quake Champions Ranger Trailer Fan Service Trent Reznor
So many of us were delighted when Quake Champions, the latest iteration in the series, went into closed beta last month. Since then, we've been treated to a steady trickle of information regarding maps and characters, all of which have been chronicled in our on the subject.

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